Movies They Need to Stop Making Sequels To

It’s not like there aren’t enough original ideas out there. How many amazing books are sitting there just waiting to be made into brilliant movies? Unfortunately, though, sequels make money. And unless they’re a part of a pre-planned series, rarely do they live up to the brilliance of the originals. Sure there are exceptions, but these outliers (Terminator 2, for instance) are not the rule. This blog post from the good folks at House of Geekery lays out some of the movies that need to just give it a rest.

Funk's House of Geekery

Why does Hollywood keep making sequels? Because we keep going to see them. The audience requires less convincing to see it, the development time is less…all in all they’re a better investment. Studios do know that there’s a rule of diminishing returns, especially if they take a long time to come out, so they tend to be rushed and have less creative thought put into this.

Here’s ten movies that have already had a couple of sequels, potentially have more in the works (or actually does have one or more in the works), and really need to cut that shit out. We’ve excluded some films for being more reboot than sequel happy (such as Spider-Man), franchises that have already wrapped up (Saw) and ones where the terrible sequels have all but sunk the series already (Paranormal Activity).

Iron Man


There isn’t a fourth Iron Man 

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