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  1. In your Doctor Who Blog you say that Peter Capaldi is in his late 60’s. This is incorrect. If you look him up on Wikipedia you will see that he was born in 1958. That puts him in his mid-50’s. I am two years older and I don’t appreciate you calling him “old” because I don’t consider myself to be old. You also say that young fans won’t find him “sexy” but you are wrong. When I was 13 I became addicted to the TV show “Dark Shadows” in which the lead character, a vampire named Barnabas Collins, was played by an actor who was 47 years old but who looked older, and I thought he was very sexy. Millions of other teenage girls felt the same way. Older actors can be very appealing to teenage girls in the right role. Peter has a very sexy voice. A few extra pounds would also eliminate some of his wrinkles and he would look 10 years younger.

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