Interview with Andrew Lamb, author of the Dispatchers series

Astral projection and bacon sandwiches are two things you normally wouldn’t link together. Fellow indie writer Madhuri Blaylock interviewed English writer Andrew Lamb, who wrote a paranormal novel — Dispatchers: Vengeance of the Dark — about astral projectors up to no good. That’s an intriguing set-up for a novel. Read Madhuri’s interview with Andrew below as they talk about his writing, his love of Cornwall and bacon sandwiches.

Madhuri Writes Things

Last week I became a member of the Goodreads group Paranormal, Fantasy, Dystopia and Romance Readers, Writers and Reviewers, a group whose goals are to help promote writers, give reviews, get good books out to reviewers and readers, give advice, engender good book discussions and just generally support Indie authors any way possible.

It’s through this group that I met Andrew Lamb, a writer from across the pond, developing a sci-fi/fantasy series called The Dispatchers, described as “a dark new twist on Astral Projection.” [Admit it, I had you at “dark new twist”.]

Always looking for new ways to help promote my fellow Indie authors and put some good juju out into the universe for myself and The Sanctum, I contacted Andrew to see if he would sit down for an interview to discuss pretty much whatever nonsense I throw at him. Apparently he’s a good sport…

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