Smashing pumpkins, and worn-out cliches

“There’s a long-established concept that gets bandied about which is misery makes for great art…[so] you’re basically saying suffering’s good for business.” — Billy Corgan

Billy Corgan and his band Smashing Pumpkins ruled the rock world some years ago, for good reason. Listen to Bullet with Butterfly Wings for a taste.

I just stumbled across this short clip from a CNN interview where he spouts some wise words that blast the old cliche that artists must suffer for their art. That’s a lie. Good for him for calling it out. The truth is, suffering artists are too busy suffering to get to the art part. I’ve been there.

Corgan also talks about the next taboo in rock – God, while deflecting the Christian rock genre. Click here, or below – it’s worth a quick view.


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